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Rev. Viju Varghese completed degree from Bishop Moore college Mavelikkara, BD from Serampoore College, Kolkatta and also has post graduation in Media (broad casting and film direction). His mother parish is Mavelikkara Marthoma church. He is blessed with wife Sherin, Son Dennis and daughter Daryl. His previous parishes were St. John's MTC Mumbai, Udaipur Immanual MTC Rajasthan, Venmony Sehion MTC, Perumpetty Jerusalem MTC, Chetpet MTC Chennai.


From the Vicar's Desk From the Vicar's Desk

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him is glory both now and forever. Amen” (2Peter:3:18).

Dear parish members, this month is a month to show the strength of our faith in Christ. Life is made up of series of stages. God has so arranged our lives that each period is supposed to prepare us for the next one. In the natural consequences of life we go through these varying developments. Potential for major cries is present during each of these stages. Let us take a positive approach in meeting these developments. For the last eleven months, God provided all our needs and protected us. God is providing wisdom to accept and to yield responsibility and authority in unison. So we cannot claim that we have done all things.

In this November, we are going to elect new committee members; we need a new vision about our Church and community. Last year we have done many programs but how much we are near to God that must be our enquiry to our souls. How much we have grown in Grace and how much we acknowledge Lord in our personal life. We need to give more Glory to our God.

When faith is alive in our life we can witness in many ways. Someone has said faith is like calories; you can’t see them but you can see their result. Faith is something that dwells in the deepest recesses of the heart, and only God can see it. Others can only see the outward appearance.

My dear Church members, as vicar and executive committee, we would like to express our thanks to all for the support and prayers you are giving for church activities, this month we have ‘Talent event’, Youth Retreat, Thanks giving, Carol rounds etc. Please try to contribute your time, talent and money for this. Try to give your contributions and pledge before the end of this year. There are many people who are in need of financial help, separate a small amount for charitable purpose teach our coming generation about compassion and kindness. Let us not humiliate others but show humility to others. Love that goes upward from a person’s heart to God is adoration. Love that goes outward from a person’s heart to another is affection. This will urge us to see ourselves as a part of God’s world. To God be the glory and honor; with loving Christian Greetings, 

Yours in His Service,